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Fixing-kits for coated ropes


ATTENTION: The strength of the threaded rod must be in accordance to the strength of the wire rope.



rope - øMain type AdL1L2type AMtype Dd1L3
 item-no.   item-no.item-no.  
6,5 KG1 0600 A0 150 SSN M10 255 150 KG1 0600 AM 150 SSN KG1 0600 D0 150 SSN 25 91,5
8,1 KG1 0608 A0 250 SSN M10 355 250 KG1 0608 AM 250 SSN KG1 0608 D0 250 SSN 25 91,5

L2 = Standard lengths of the threaded rods are in mm, further lengths possible


When ordering, the required length of the threaded rods is to be incorporated into the item-no as per following example:

rope suspension type A for 8,1 mm rope diameter and a threaded rod of 250 mm:   KG1 0608 A0 250 SSN.

Subject to technical alternations

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